I am currently still reading the book ‘It’ by Stephen King and not a lot has happened in the book so far. My favorite quotation that I’ve read so far happens when Patty Blum goes in to the bathroom and discovers her husband’s dead body in the bathtub. The quotation is:

“She thought Stanley must [...]

Not Waving But Drowning

‘Not Waving But Drowning’ is a poem written by Stevie Smith. The basic story of the poem is that someone is far out at sea and is calling for help to the people at the shore. However, they think he is waving to them, and not drowning. This is obviously a metaphor for something different [...]


I am currently reading the book ‘It’ by Stephen King. I decided to read it, because I had heard it had been highly rated and I am going to watch the movie after I finish the book. Also, I do not expect to be finishing this book any time soon, seeing as it has over [...]

DEAR: The Fear

I am currently reading the book ‘The Fear’ by Charlie Higson, and it is very gripping. My favourite quotation so far takes place when DogNut and his group of friends are trying to make their way to the Natural History Museum. Finn, the biggest boy in the group is attacked by a zombie and reacts [...]

Thomas Desmet’s Chance Post

Romeo and Juliet were possibly killed by chance. The prologue starts of by saying, “Whose misadventured piteous overthrows” .The word ‘misadventured’ means it was an unlucky tragic accident. Chance was what caused their death. Another example is when the servant who is supposed to invite the guests cannot read. He then meets Romeo and Mercutio [...]

Response to Zhang Li Jia

I have not read Zhang Li Jia’s personal memoir ‘Socialism is Great’, but from what I’ve heard her say about it, it seems like a very inspiring book. To have made it from being a high school drop out, to earning a Master’s degree in Engineering and also become a successful author and journalist world-wide. [...]

West Side Story

In my opinion, the movie ‘West Side Story’ was a much better way of telling the story of two star-crossed lovers than the original play. There are many reasons for feeling like this. My favorite part of the entire movie was when the Puerto Ricans sang their song about life in America. I felt it [...]

DEAR: The Dead

I have recently started reading the book ‘The Dead’ by Charlie Higson and so far it has started out as a pretty decent book. My favorite quotation so far takes place after a group of children that had been hiding in a school had come out to rescue a group of children who had been [...]

Romeo And Juliet – Will Kills

It is true that Romeo and Juliet offed themselves because of their own choices. I will show you many examples to persuade you that I am right. In act 1 scene 1, the servants of both houses start a fight at the local market. Why is this? This is because it is their WILL to [...]

DEAR: The Enemy

I have just started reading the book ‘The Enemy’ by Charlie Higson. At the moment, I am only 9 pages in to the book, but so far it seems like quite a good book. My favorite quotation is when a group of boys that were on lookout when they saw a burster. A burster is [...]

DEAR: The Hobbit

I am currently reading the book ‘The Hobbit’ by ‘J.R.R. Tolkien’ and so far I think it is quite a good book. This book is quite exciting because Frodo keeps stumbling into trouble, with and without the group he is meant to be travelling with. My favourite part of the book is when Frodo gets [...]

DEAR: Boy Kills Man

I am currently reading the book ‘Boy Kills Man’ by ‘Matt Whyman’. I quite enjoyed this book in the way that it is very descriptive. This book shows us what life is like in the slums of less developed countries and how differently they live their lives compared to ours. My favourite quote occurs when [...]

3-5 Changes in the Life of Andreas

3-5 Changes that would make me a better person:

Being Ambidextrous Having a nice car Had a better memory Thinking things through first 3-5 Changes that would improve year 9 at Dulwich: Being able to buy things fro the Cafè. Having less homework Having less tests 3-5 Changes that would improve DCSZ: New senior school [...]

DEAR: Holes

I have just finished reading the book ‘Holes’ by ‘Louis Sachar’. I think this book is a very interesting book in the way that it sort of tells two stories at once. My favourite quotation occurs After Stanley and Zero have returned to the camp after surviving in the desert for a week and start [...]

Music Appreciation Speech

Greetings fellow pupils. I am here to address a very important issue. Music Appreciation. Has this ever happened to you: You’re riding in a car with a friend or family member and a rap/metal song starts playing on the radio. Then your family member or friend turns it off saying “This song sucks. This isn’t [...]

Double Fudge

I am currently reading the book ‘Double Fudge’ by Judy Blume. I have chosen my favorite quotation from this book, but to understand this quotation you must first understand what the characters are like. One of the main characters is Farley Drexel Hatcher (they call him Fudge) and he is money-obsessed. He has recently discovered [...]

Deathnote: Another Note – The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

I have read over half of the book ‘Deathnote: Another Note – The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases’ and it is probably one of my favorites. It is a prequel to the TV Anime Series ‘Deathnote’, meaning that it was originally written in Japanese. Another interesting thing about this book is that it hardly has [...]

Personal Response on Bog Child Chapter 1

I think that the first chapter of the book ‘bog child’ was quite interesting. It’s not in every book that you find a dead body older than jesus christ buried in a bog. Let alone in Chapter One. The book starts out like quite a normal realistic thing. A boy and his uncle riding in [...]

History of English

In class yesterday, we learnt about the History of the English Language. I have learnt some very interesting things about the english language. Some things I had no idea about such as the fact that English is a mixture of French and German. I also enjoyed the simile of comparing the english language to a [...]

Andreas Erlandsson as a Writer

Hi there, friend. My name is still Andreas Erlandsson (Hasn’t changed since last post). I enjoy doing some types of writing such as fantasy writing and historical fiction. I enjoy historical fiction because you don’t have to use you imagination too much in the fact that it has to be realistic, but it doesn’t have [...]

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