I read the book called Ivy by Julie Hearn. It’s about a girl called Ivy in old London. After she was born her father didn’t want her because of her red hair. So she grew up in a different, poor family. The family is really harsh and Ivy doesn’t feel like they love her. Only [...]


We read the poem ‘Up-hill’ by Christina Rossetti in english class. It is written as two people are talking about a journey up hill. One person is asking, the other gives the answers, because he knows about this road.

It could be also a metaphorical Journey, from birth to death, from sin to salvation, from [...]

Not waving but drowning

My favourite poem that we read in english class is “Not waving, but drowning” by Stevie Smith. It’s short and most of it, is easy to understand.

The poem is about a man who is out in the water and drowning. When you read this poem it’s like you are standing at the sea shore [...]

thesis statement

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we can find evidence for will, chance ad fate. Some people would say the tragedy happened just because one of those, but actually we don’t know. It’s all about the difference opinions from different people and they will never be the same.

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Zhang Lijia

When Zhang Lijia came to visit, the first thing i thought was that it’s going to be really boring. I never heard of her either and for me a memoir doesn’t sound like a fascinating story. but then she talked about her life and how her dream to become a writer shattered by her mothers [...]

3-5 changes

3-5 changes to improve myself:

1.stop fighting with my brother

2.spend more time studying

3.be more creative

3-5 changes to improve dulwich college:

1.no school uniform

2.less homework

3.bigger school+ gym

3-5 changes to improve suzhou:

1.better traffic rules

2.more trash cans

3.no spitting

3-5 things to improve china

1.less population

2.less poorness

3.no spitting


DEAR-Betrayed, a house of night novel

Im reading Betrayed, its the second book of the house of nights series. Its written by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast.

It’s about a girl who’s changing into a vampyre. She’s in trouble with her family, because her step-dad hates her for being a vampyre. Then 2 human teenager, she knows are being killed and [...]

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