Response to The Road Not Taken

Yesterday we read “The Road Through Not Taken” by ‘Robert Frost’ in class. I think that the poem is quite interesting to try to figure it out. Even though I have read it once already it was interesting listening to the interpretations. I like the idea of where the guy lies about his decisions to [...]

The Hunger Games

I am reading the “Hunger games” by Suzanne Collins it is about called Katniss that lives in district 12 it is very poor part of panem. Here is a quotation from the book:

“Where you can starve in safety”

I like this quotation because starving and safety usually have nothing to do with each other. [...]

Thesis statement

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet could have died because of will, fate or chance. There are examples for all three of them but in the end it could be any of or all of them. We just don’t know which one.

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Only the Good Spy Young

I just finished the book “Only the Good Spy Young” by ‘Ally Carter’ it is about a girl called Cammie and she goes to a school for spies the book is the fourth in a series.

I really liked I it was very interesting but sometimes a bit unrealistic. But you have to have read [...]

My opinion on Zhang Lijia’s visit

Yesterday, an author called Zhang Lijia come to visit our school and talk to us. I thought the visit in all was quite interesting. First we saw her in assembly that was boring because she talked about practically everything that the slide show said in the beginning, but when she we saw her again in [...]

Don’t Judge a girl by Her Cover- DEAR

I am reading a book called ‘ dont judge a girl by her cover ‘ by Ally Carter the book is about a girl, Cammie Morgan, who goes to a gilrs only school for spies in the the last book she fell in love with a boy called Zacch, that goes to a boys only [...]

Dear post- Don’t judge a girl by her cover

I am reading a book called “Don’t judged a girl by her cover” by “Lauie halse Anderson” it is the third book in series. It is about a girl, Cammie she goes to a school for spies her mom is the headmistress of the school. ‘”I am going to kill someone!” …the man beside me [...]


I finished reading the book called ‘Speak’. It is a fiction book, it is more a book for girls around 14 and up. Boys will probably not enjoy the book. I like the book because it is quite realistic. I also like the way way the author wrote the book in a lot of detail [...]


I am reading a book called ‘Speak’ by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book is about a girl called Melinda. She has no friends because she called the police on a party and a lot of people got arrested. Something happened at the party that made her call the cops but she didn’t tell anyone why. [...]

Dear- Stolen

I have just finished a book called “stolen” by Lucy Christopher. “Stolen” is a very good book it is a an adventure book and a bit of a love story. I think that most people would really like this book. But I think that most boys will probably not really understand the book because the [...]

DEAR Post- Stolen

I am reading a book called “Stolen” by ” Lucy Christopher”. The book starts with The main character Gemma talking about Ty a guy she meets in the airport who eventually kidnaps her: “You saw me before I saw you. In the airport, that day in August, you had that look in you eyes, as [...]

3-5 Things…

That would make me a better person:

More confident more creative Being able to speak multiple languages fluently more helpful

That would improve my family:

Talk more Go on holidays together Eat together

That would improve year 9 in DCSZ:

More maturity no fighting people including new people That would improve Dulwich College Suzhou: Less [...]

Homework on the weekends speech

Hello, Do you get a lot of homework on the weekends? I do, and I don’t like it. Because first of all the weekends are the only time of the week where you can spend a lot of time with friends and family. If you have friends and familiy that moved to Shanghai or something [...]


We watched Macbeth in English class. I personally didn’t like it that much, there was a lot of deaths in it. I don’t like to watch movies with a lot of blood and death in it. The movie was very grusome because of all the death and bood.

But did like how everything came together [...]

Blue Moon

I am reading Blue Moon by Alyson Noel. I is the second book in a series called the Immortals.

So far the story is about a girl called Ever who’s family died in a car crash but she survives but she woke with psychic powers for example she can see peoples auras and read their [...]

Bog Child- First Chapter

We had to read the first chapter of Bog child. So far I really like it and I want to read on. It sounds really interesting.

In the first chapter Fergus and Uncle Tally went over the border in to the south to get some peat but while Fergus is getting some peat he discovers [...]

History of English

In english we learned about the history of English I personally I think it was very interesting because I learned a lot that I didn’t know before like that english came from German and French it was surprising. I also always thought that Shakespears writting was old English but it’s not it’s called old fashion [...]

Aimee as a writer

Hi my name is Aimee Doser I am 13 years old and I am half Dutch half German. I came to China 6 years ago when I was 7. I first went to Eton house the 3 ears later I changed to Dulwich.

I personally like writing. I like writing because I can make things [...]

Aimee Doser as a reader

Hello, my name is Aimée Doser ,I am 13 yeaers old and I am half German half Dutch . I came to china when I was 7 years old I was at Etonhouse for 3 years. Now I 3 years in Dulwich. I am in 9D

Since I grew up in America I just read [...]

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