Sonnet 73

<Sonnet 73> is the poem that is written by William shakespeare. This poem doesn’t have name and this is the 73th poem of unnamed poem. In the poem it is talking about the seasons, but actually this poem is not talking about seasons it is talking about our life it tells us what is journey [...]

personal response of the poem-up hill

The poem < up hill> tells us the journey of our life, the poem gives us good advice about our life, then what is the journey of our life?

The journey of our life could be from born to death, or it could be from ignorance to knowledge, it’s hard to know what is the [...]

Zhang Li jia

My first impression was in her face i could read out of her time that she spent on hard working. I could feel some weird feeling, it was her wisdom, from something deep inside. I was worried maybe she is a boring woman, but she wasn’t boring at all, she was humorous. Her laugh was [...]

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