David Copperfield

(Mid-book entry.)

Inspired by Eric Wu and provoked by the recent drama based on Charles Dickens’ fat novel, David Copperfield, I decided to re-read it for the first time in many years. I was struck by how much the England of David Copperfield resembles the China of today. Here, for example, Copperfield’s aunt comes to [...]

Reading grows your brain


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How to handle citations in your essays

This example shows how to cite the source of a quotation in an essay about a play:

For example, after he kills Tybalt—the action that leads directly to his banishment from Verona, Romeo cries out, “O, I am fortune’s fool!” (III.i.132).

This shows that the quotation comes from Act III, Scene i, Line 132. Notice [...]

House point! . . .

. . . to Tanmay, for being the first one to submit his DEAR books for the book-rating sheet. The results are here:


Please check your email, fill in the spreadsheet that I sent to you, and return it to me with your name added to the document file name. I will update the [...]

Your first post

Hi everyone! For your first post, please describe yourself as a reader.

In your post, you might respond to questions such as these:

Do you like to read? If not, why not? If so, what sort of books do you enjoy? What sorts do you not like? What are your strengths as a reader? What [...]

Welcome to English 9!

I am looking forward to this year at DCSZ, my first here after seven years at SSIS. I hope you are, too!

I hope that most of the writing you do in the course—apart from final assessments—will be posted on this blog, giving you the chance to practice writing and try out ideas in a [...]

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