Son of Neptune DEAR post

Have you ever woken up one day to find that you have no memories, are far from home, and have 2 demon Buy-N-Save ladies chasing after you?

If so, then you’re probably a demigod, as Percy Jackson, one of the most famous of them, is in that exact situation. The book ‘The Son of Neptune’ [...]

Mid Nov Dear Post

A book I read recently was called ‘Voices from Afghanistan’ It Includes 10 true stories about people that had fought-and lived through-the war in Afghanistan. Its a really good book about multiple things, from fighting in caves in the Afghan mountains, to surgically extracting a live RPG round from a guy’s intestines. I would recommend [...]

3-5 ways to change the world

S0, as you have all been told, we have to find 3-5 things to improve multiple topics. So, here are mine.

Make me a better person

Calm my temper If you can’t calm my temper, get out of my way when it goes out of control If you can’t do either of those above, just [...]

The Fall of Giants

The First World War.

One of the bloodiest, longest, and greatest wars in the history of the world.

And this book delves deep into the heart of it.

‘Fall of Giants’ is a 1000 page book (<:-0) set in the chaotic time of WWI. It covers 4 main stories; The story of Billy and Ethel, [...]

Dear Book-Ranger’s Apprentice

Ranger’s Apprentice is an action-adventure series that is currently about 10-12 books long. It’s about a boy called Will, who’s future is unplanned, until he is chosen by the legendary Ranger Halt as his apprentice. I would recommend this series for kids 8 and over, or anyone who enjoys action-adventure, even the unenthusiastic readers, because [...]

Bloody Macbeth

The version of ‘Macbeth’ we watched was, frankly, pretty good, but extremely strange and freaky. For one, there was about 10 gallons of blood shed in that movie, making you want to vomit every 2 minutes. And speaking of vomit, the 2nd witches scene was enough to send you running for a barf bag. I [...]

Current Book

The book i’m currently reading is called ‘Incarceron’ by Catherine Fisher. Our job is to find an interesting quote from the book, and the one i found is ‘That Giles is alive’ This is extremely interesting, as most would agree, for multiple reasons. For one, if they just found out Giles is alive, then they [...]

Bog Child

After reading the first chapter of ‘Bog Child’, i have some questions and some opinions i’d like to share.

The first chapter isn’t very exciting. All it talks about is two people, Fergus and Uncle Tally, chatting on a drive up into the hills on the other side of the Irish border to steal peat. [...]

The History of English

I find the history of English, on one hand, interesting. I never knew that our language actually originated from a mixture of French and German, (although I did know about William the conquer (year 7 history)) or that modern English was created around Shakespeare’s time. but, on the other hand, its pretty boring. It has [...]

Adam’s Writing

Hello again

So, the task is to describe yourself ‘As a Writer’ well, personally, I like writing poetry and short stories. My favourite genre to write short stories about is horror, because its really easy and really fun. the reason it’s easy is because all you need to write a horror story is a noun [...]

My reading hobbies

Hello, my name is Adam. I’m 13 and in Year 9, but most of you probably already knew that. I have a lot of hobbies;biking, running, watching movies,but my favorite thing to do (besides video gaming) is to read. I love reading. I do it all the time. I rarely am without a book. My [...]

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