March-April: Spring Break Homework

2. Post at least one DEAR entry on the blog, at the end of March.

January: Chinese New Year Homework

  1. Read every day, for AT LEAST 20 minutes—more if you did not read every day over the Christmas holiday.
  2. Learn and memorize one of the two speeches from Romeo and Juliet that I gave you. Be ready to give a dramatic recitation of your speech when classes resume after the holiday.

November 30

Essay due as email attachment sent to Mr. MacKnight no later than Monday evening, December 5. The complete essay should be 5-7 paragraphs long.

November 4

On Monday, November 7, students who were at school on Thursday and Friday will give their speeches for marks. On Wednesday, November 9, students who were away this week will give their speeches for marks.

Once you have given your speech for marks, you may begin working on turning your speech into a written piece. You will have to make some adjustments to it; to take an obvious example, you should delete the greeting (“Good morning!”) from the beginning of the written version.

The written version of your speech should be published on the blog no later than Wednesday, if you were in school this week, and no later than Friday, if you were away this week.

October 26

Compose a speech about two minutes long, on a topic of your choice.

  • Greeting: “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”.
  • Include a catchy opening—a quotation, a question, an anecdote, or some combination of these—and a closing that returns to this beginning in some way: refers back to the quotation, answers the question, finishes the anecdote, etc.
  • Ending: “Thank you”.
  • Content: Your speech should be both amusing and instructive. The best speeches will be amusing, but will also have something important to teach us. NOTE: If your topic is very serious, with nothing funny about it, I don’t want you to try to make it “amusing”. But your speech should be delivered in a way that capture’s the audience’s attention, and keeps it from beginning to end.

On Monday the 31st we will hear your speeches for the first time, and I will give you feedback on what you are doing well, and how you can improve.

September 23

Write a personal response to the film of ‘Macbeth’ that we watched in class. If you can’t finish it before the end of the lesson, please finish it over the October holiday.

September 1

Second blog post: Describe yourself as a writer. Category: ‘As a Writer’.

August 24

Hi everyone! For your first post, please describe yourself as a reader.

In your post, you might respond to questions such as these:

Do you like to read? If not, why not? If so, what sort of books do you enjoy? What sorts do you not like? What are your strengths as a reader? What are your weaknesses? What has been your best experience as a reader? What has been your worst experience as a reader? Etc.

But you are not limited to those questions—anything you would like to say about yourself as a reader is fine.

Before you publish your post, check the box “As a Reader” under ‘Categories’, at the right.

August 2011

Major assignments will be posted here, with the most recent ones at the top.

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