The Devil and His Boy

The devil and his boy is a book written by Anthony Horowitz. It is sort of non-fiction. It is a book set around 1593. This is Shakespeare’s time. This is what I call the revolution of plays. This is what the book is about. It is about a boy that wants to get into a play and he meets Shakespeare. I found this book pretty interesting. It shows you how people lived in that time. It also shows the relationship between the queen and the citizens. I like this type of books. It is not a very long book. You can easily read this book in 2 days. Although it is short, it is very strong and interesting. I would recommend this book to everyone who not only likes fantasy and books that contain mythical creatures. It lets you explore a completely different culture.

“He had only ever been completely happy once in all his thirteen years. For just a few brief hours all his problems had been forgotten.”

This was said by the main character who was a poor orphan after his friend asked him what he wanted to become. These 2 phrases made me feel happy and sad at the same time. It made me feel happy for him because he finally found something living for. On the other hand it is quite sad how he never felt happy before in his life. He had been treated like garbage by his ‘owners’ and he did not own anything besides the clothes he was wearing.

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  • Mr. MacKnight

    Thomas, a book like this is called “historical fiction”: a made-up story set in a real time and place, with some characters who were real people. A great way to learn about history!

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