I am currently still reading the book ‘It’ by Stephen King and not a lot has happened in the book so far. My favorite quotation that I’ve read so far happens when Patty Blum goes in to the bathroom and discovers her husband’s dead body in the bathtub. The quotation is:

“She thought Stanley must have made that mark-his final impression on the world-as he lost consciousness. It seemed to cry out at her:


Another drop fell into the tub.


That did it. Patty Uris at last found her voice. Staring into her husband’s dead and sparkling eyes, she began to scream.”

I like this quotation because it is a reference to the title of the book, and it really makes you ask yourself; What is IT? Why did it kill Stanley Uris? In conclusion, I find this quote very gripping, and I must read on in order to find out more about this.

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