Sonnet 73

<Sonnet 73> is the poem that is written by William shakespeare. This poem doesn’t have name and this is the 73th poem of unnamed poem. In the poem it is talking about the seasons, but actually this poem is not talking about seasons it is talking about our life it tells us what is journey of life, the poem says life is like seasons- spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is when we are young full of energy and summer, and to fall, we start to feel old and sick, winter and we dies, I was really impressed with the compare with life and seasons.

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  • Kevin

    I think your post is short but it’s got everything it needs in it. I can see some little grammar errors but it was a good post overall.

  • Thomas

    I think you could have avoided a few grammar mistakes by proofreading. You should however have written about a poem we studied more. That way there was more to say about them and your post would have been better.

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