I read the book called Ivy by Julie Hearn. It’s about a girl called Ivy in old London. After she was born her father didn’t want her because of her red hair. So she grew up in a different, poor family. The family is really harsh and Ivy doesn’t feel like they love her. Only her step brother, who is also adopted seems to like her.

The book starts  when two rich ladies came to the poor and send some of the children to school. One of them was Ivy and her step brother. She hated the school and ran off. Then Ivy was found by woman who is the leader of thieves. They want  Ivy to help them steal stuff, because children look harmless and other children would trust her. So Ivy helps stripping rich children out of their fine clothes, so the thieves can sell it and becoming richer. A few years later she is back with her family, trying to forget a horrible event that happened in the past.

A painter man is looking for a new stunner, because his old mother doesn’t inspire him anymore. But he hasn’t found a beautiful girl yet. That changes when he met Ivy. In the next days he send his mother to Ivy’s family to get her. Of course his mother got mad and jealous. She tries to get rid of her. She tells lies about her falling in love with the italian man next door. That’s one of her letter why Ivy couldn’t come to a meeting in the country side, where the painter wanted to create a new picture.

I can only assume since no explanation has been forthcoming that the silly child has changed her mind and went home my personal opinion is that she could not face the Italian  and remains mortally embarrassed by her feelings for him                                                                                                                          I hate to say I told you so dear boy but there we have it

But because Ivy couldn’t come, Ivy found what really happened with the thieves. And now, she starts a new life where she doesn’t have to care anymore about all the things happened.

I think it’s a really good book, but the english is quiet hard to read and sometimes the scene  changes to something completely new, which makes the book quiet confusing. There are also many different people, events which are important for the story, but they make the book even more confusing. Over all, the story is really good and after a while you  stop wondering about something, because you know that it will be explained at the end.


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