Battle royale

Recently, I read a book called ‘Battle royale’, by Takami koshun. The original tittle of the book was ‘Battle royal’, but the friend of the author told him about the french pronounce of ‘royal’, which is ‘royale’, and he thought the french pronounce is better, so he used the french word. The background of the book is imaginary totalitarianism country, which has many problems with teenagers. The country decided to make a program named ‘battle royale’ because of the problem children of country. A class, which is randomly chosen have to join this program. They had to kill each other until just one person survive, and only the last person can return to their home. Nanahara, the main character’s class was going to go school trip, but they were kidnaped to a small island and become to join to the program.

I think this book is based on ghoulish imagination, but also not ridiculous or stale story. The viewpoint of the book frequently across the first person and an omniscient viewpoint, but it also helped to concentrate to the story, by increase the tension of sentences and overall atmosphere of the story. Some people might say this book does not have any stories or moral, just book for killing-time, which contains grotesque murder. However, I think what the author wanted to say is the danger of turing to rightist. I think he is talking about what their country’s right wing and totalitarianism power did at past, which were out of control. By this book, He is warning to the nations and to the right powers, which are becoming more huge, that uncontrolled power is dangerous thing.

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  • Yu Jin

    Don’t use a word that you don’t know. :)
    Great job

  • Thomas

    You should not be using a translator to use difficult. When you are describing in your own words, we know what range of vocabulary. There are still a lot of grammar mistakes and I am not sure if you made spelling mistakes or you are just using translated words.Anyway, I think you put a lot of afford into this post. This is an amazing post for someone who hasn’t been in this class for long.

  • Thomas

    There are a lot of words that I have never heard of such as ghoulish, omniscient, grotesque, rightist, turing, etc. If you know all these words you are doing an amazing job…

  • Kevin

    I’m amused at the range of vocabulary. I had to look up in the dictionary for some sophisticated words like totalitarianism. But the plot of the book sounds interesting to me.

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