I recently finished a book called ‘Auslander’ by Paul Dowswell.  Auslander means a foreigner in German. In the book, the main character, Piotr, loses his parents by a car crash right after the Nazis had occupied Poland. He’s sent to an orphanage after his parents’ deaths but his life isn’t easy at the orphanage. So when the Race and Settlement Office classify Piotr as racially valuable, he’s happy to be sent to Germany and to be taken in by his new family. But Piotr is an intelligent boy with independant thoughts. He doesn’t like starving workers in the street. So he starts taking some serious risks…

This is an incredibly well-researched historical piece. By reading this novel, you can get a real picture of life in an authoritarian country. There are many interesting and accurate elements. For one, Piotr’s maths textbooks contain the exact language real Nazi textbooks did.  This book is a very tense thriller and suits to all kinds of readers.

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  • Thomas

    Who do you recommend this to? What genre is this book? Those are important elements you have to include in your DEAR post. However, your use of vocabulary is amazing and you are using it when needed.

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