The Recruit

last mouth I finished the book “The Recruit” by Robert Muchamore(the first of the CHERUB series). this has been my 12th book this school year and have loved every moment of it.

The book begins with 12 year old James Choke getting sent to a children’s care home called Nebraska house, after his mother dies from a alcohol related incident, where he shares a room with best friend Kyle Blueman, a CHERUB agent who recruits him. Meanwhile James’ sister Lauren is taken to live with her father Ron Onions a scumbag of a step dad. James gets arrested for trying to steal a beer. Next morning James awakes to find himself on the CHERUB campus where the chairman, Dr Terrence McAfferty – often called ‘Mac’, introduces him to CHERUB and puts him through a series of entrance tests which he passes. James is admitted into CHERUB. In order to start going on missions all agents must complete Basic Training. During this James meets Kerry Chang, with whom he has a strong friendship.

And the rest of the book you can find out for yourself.

For who that have not read this book I recommend it a full 100%. However, the start of the book is a bit weird. But, it gets better when he joins CHERUB. I think that this book is good for a 9 year and up.


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