The enemy

The enemy is a book by Charlie Higson, it is a horror book. It is about a bunch of kids who are trying to survive. Every single person above the age 14 will turn into a zombie, the lucky ones died but the ones that didn’t are crazed, confused and hungry. So the zombies go and try to find kids to eat. One day a kid comes running to where a group of kids are staying and tells them that there is a safe place to hide so the kids begin a quest to go to the safe place. The place is buckingham palace and it is far away from where they are so the kids have to travel around the city and try to stay alive. A quotation that i liked from the book is:

“Get up there now! I’m going out. If it gets bad, use a bomb.”(Arran)

“A bomb? They’re for emergencies.”(Callum)

“And what does this look like to you?”(Arran)

I liked this quotation because i found it funny. When the two people said this there were zombies attacking Waitrose(It is where that group of kids lived) and there was a kid who was trying to defend himself from the zombies. The kid was the person who told them about the safe place.

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  • Thomas

    You should be capitalizing the ‘i’. You could also have tried to make your sentences shorter so it much more clear. On the other hand, your quotation was set up very nicely. It was also nice how you made it clear who said which sentence.

  • Kevin

    I guess you really enjoyed this book a lot because it sounds fabulous to me!

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