Sail by James Patterson

The book I’m reading is called ‘Sail’ by James Patterson. I have not finish reading the book yet, but so far it is amazing. Every chapter would end with a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger means when the author writes a sentence, letting the reader wonder what is next and continue to read. Also almost page has action packed scenes and uses descriptive words to improve the content and gives you a more clearer picture. The book starts of with a hunter finds a tuna with a letter in it saying a couple of effective words.

“The Dunne’s are alive.”

This quotation is the letter in the tuna. I like the idea of having a person seeing the letter because it tells us things and raises questions. It makes us think who are the Dunne’s and are they dead or lost? Why did they write I am alive or who wrote the letter? It will also tell you want the story might be about and the main characters.

‘Sail’ is about a family broken up. The husband left the family, the wife now has to support three children. The wife, a plastic surgeon, finds a boy and later on they get married. The kids, who don’t like him plan on going to a family trip. The husband has to stay back home due to his job. When we read on about their trip, James Patterson reveals that The husband is sent to kill the family and retrieve 10 million dollars. The plot is a bit jumbled up because one part you would have a kid knock out the husband and then they suddenly go to a court. I’m still wondering how they got back from a island without transport.

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  • Thomas

    Waaw a very descriptive post. Especially considering that you haven’t finished the book yet. However I have seen some careless mistakes which could easily have been avoided by proofreading :)

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