Hunger Games (Really Awesome Book)

The hunger games is a really cool book full of suspense and action. From what I have read that in a Country there rules a Capitol which is basically like a government. The story starts with Katniss in her district which is basically like a city there were 13 districts until the 13th district got blown up. So it talks about the small yet very important things that Katniss does in her district. How she helps her family by gathering food for everybody and helping her friend whose name is Gale.

Then as normal as it is, the hunger games that happen every couple of years start, and very unfortunately Katniss’s sister was chosen. Primrose Everdeen long for Prim. Now the hunger games are the most ruthless games designed by the Capitol to show the entire country who is boss and it is about how 24 participants a boy and a girl from every district are gathered together to fight each other all out in a completely random terrain with many engineered features such as genetically designed wasps and deadly waves of flames. Now the other main reason for the hunger games is entertainment. People want to see something like this and when this doesn’t happen the Game makers are forced to use techniques to round up the children and fight it all out.

The person who wins will get food and water and shelter for his whole life. He/She will never run out of food and forever will be in a life of luxury and joy. Although when Prims’s name gets picked Katniss as her older sister refuses to let her join and wants to save her from the horror of the games so she has to volunteer instead of her sister so she can save her. With her is chosen a boy who is also a very important in Katniss’s life which I will not spoil.

Although the outcome of the games I will not spoil as you must read that for yourself it is one of the most gripping and mesmerizing books that I have ever read and it is really a book that you cannot put down it is as addicting as heroin and cocaine and you really want to know what happens. Suzanne Collins (The Author) tells the story in such a great fashion that it really feels like you are out there with Katniss surviving the cold wilderness.

My favorite quotation from the book was

“I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go.”

This is the last thing said in the book and it is probably the most gripping part. The story ends in such a cliffhanger that you must need the other book and I assure that after you finish the first book you will crave to read the second and will devour it very quickly. The end of the book is very memorable but it is very clear that there will be another book as a lot of things are set on the move and many events and circumstances are yet to come.

I will leave you with no more but by saying that this book is one of the most fascinating book that I have ever read and with all my heart I recommend you the reader to read this enthralling book.

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