DEAR – A Pretty Little Liars Novel

I finished the book “A Pretty Little Liars Novel” by Sara Shepard  is a series.When I borrow this book in library there was not series one and two, so I just took series three. You can’t understand if you start to reading series three or whatever than series one or begin. But this book is really easy to understand what happened before.

I should read series one. Because this books is very interesting and I like this book really much. The story is about four gorgeous girls are telling to us about very ugly stories. They Have four main characters Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer their best friend. This four girls found a dead body behind Spencer’s house and then taking the girls secrets to the grave.

I recommend to people to read this book :)

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  • Kevin

    I like the fact that you explained about why you started on the third book of the series. But I think you did not explain the plot very much and didn’t mention what kind of people you are recommending this book to.

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