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All the great philosophers and poem analysts take one look at this poem and go, “Ah, this poem is a metaphor on the choices in life.” This, however, is not true. Poems do not have an exact meaning; the amount is infinite. As Mr. MacKnight said, the real secret behind a poem is to know that there is no real meaning behind a poem.

“The Road Not Taken” is a very famous poem by Robert Frost. The poem talks about the narrator in a “difficult” situation where he must choose which road to go on, metaphorically speaking or actually physically we don’t know. One road is more “trodden” on, the other less walked on or not at all. After heroically glancing at both roads, the narrator chooses the one that seemingly has no footprints on it and therefore no one has taken it. In this narrative poem, the poet casts himself in an abstract light, for he was imagining that his “heroic” presence later leads to his later successful life. However, it is just pure chance or luck that dumps him into the life he leads now. I find this way of comforting oneself or pure denial of truth funny because it is just what one of us might do if we had made fools of ourselves or just wanted to be cooler than we are.

I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

The last sentence of the poem I find counters the first sentence of the 3rd stanza. If you ever need to ask a question to Mr. Frost if he were alive today, here is a perfect one. “Sir, how did you travel the road less traveled by if both looked the same?” I don’t really know what he’d say to that, then again he might say that one looked cleaner or something.

One other meaning that this poem represents is the road through life. Sometimes we humans have choices to make that might take us along one path, another might take us along a highway, and another might be a dead end or a cliff. Whichever one you take will affect the rest of your life. I think that this is a perfect metaphor to describe our lives.

In short, I feel that the poem tells a huge story in just 20 lines or 4 stanzas of words. All the words are pretty easy to understand and still, you get a meaning that means more than what you read.

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