We read the poem ‘Up-hill’ by Christina Rossetti in english class. It is written as two people are talking about a journey up hill. One person is asking, the other gives the answers, because he knows about this road.

It could be also a metaphorical Journey, from birth to death, from sin to salvation, from ignorance to wisdom. The hill is his life, and he has to work to get to the top. The inn could symbolise heaven and the inn keeper might be god in the christian religion.

You can look at this poem in many way and change the meaning into the religion you believe in (the inn could be heaven, but it also could symbolise the nirvana). But it let’s you think about the facts that are the same. In every religion there is a hard way from ignorance to wisdom, from sin to salvation. You have to work to become wise, or to get into heaven and the work could be symbolise by the way up-hill.

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