The Way through the Woods

I read a poem called ‘ The Way through the Woods” written by Rudyard Kipling and found out this is great. It’s not because I enjoyed reading it. It was rather hard to understand the meanings and what the writter wanted to talk about. However, I found out 3 things that reminded me this poem is a poem though it is written in both prose and poem.

First of all, I found there was a rhythm in it. While I was reading this poem, after several times, I noticed something unusual. It seemed like a ballad that we were doing few days ago. I clapped my hands to check whether there are rules in it and finally, I realized I was right. When you seperate the poem by 4 lines for each paragraphs, you’ll see that first and third, second and fourth sentences rhymes. Secondly, this poem have rhymes in it. For example,

“They shut the road through the woods

Seventy years ago.

Weather and rain have undone it again,

And now you would never know.”

This is at the first part of the poem and when you look at it, ‘ago’ and ‘know’ rhyme. It’s not only this sentence but also other sentences. Lastly, I found unusual word order. There’s a line “Of a summer evening late.” and the structure is not quite right. By this, you can find out this is a poem because the writter put the word ‘late’ at the end of the sentence to make it rhyme.

By this poem, I learned how to distinguish  a poem and a simple writing. I hope that we all learned a lesson here.

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