Children Of the Lamp—The Akhenaten Adventure

John and Philippa are twelve year old twins, with a remarkably beautiful mother, and a very rich, not very handsome, but very kind father, who live a life of luxury in New York. One day, their wisdom teeth appear simultaneously. Then they both have the same dream in which their uncle, Nimrod tells them to come to London. He tells them that they are Djinn (genies). They begin the adventure of a lifetime, from Cairo to London, from pink Ferrarris to Camels. With a wise uncle named Nimrod, his one-armed butler who is called Groanin, his enormously tall Egyptian servant called Creemy, and an agoraphobic ancient djinn called Mr. Rakshasas. From New York to London to Egypt, back to London and back, the twins’ adventures are filled with excitement as they undergo training in the use of their newly discovered powers, but are also fraught with danger, as they battle the evil tribes of djinn, to preserve the balance between good and evil in the world. This book is filled with action fantasy and adventure. From travelling between many of the famous cities and monuments throughout the world.


I personally love this book and this series. It really shows the imagination of what we can create. This book you can say is taken from arabian nights the stories about genies mages and wishes. Here is the start to a grand adventure for these 2 twins and for you if you read the book. This book and the series will take you to the reaches of the world and tell you about many historical facts that you did not know about.

As far as I can say this book is mainly directed toward little kids maybe 1 or 2 years younger than us as it uses easy language although the story does get more complicated as you read through the series.

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