Not waving but drowning

My favourite poem that we read in english class is “Not waving, but drowning” by Stevie Smith. It’s short and most of it, is easy to understand.

The poem is about a man who is out in the water and drowning. When you read this poem it’s like you are standing at the sea shore and see this drowning man. At the shore it looks like he is waving, but actually he tries to get help or not to sink under the surface. This man always been fooling around and people think he’s doing the same again. So they don’t take him serious this time and he dies.

This poem doesn’t only tell about a drowning man in the sea. It’s a metaphor for real life. for example, if someone is always fooling around about one thing, people won’t take him serious, if this thing becomes a problem. Those people might show what’s wrong, but others don’t care. If they don’t help him, he won’t drown, but sometimes people kill themselves,because they think it’s the only way to solve the problem. The poem “Not waving, but drowning” shows a situation that might happen in real life.

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