On the 10th April I finished the Seventh and final book of the H.I.V.E series by Mark Walden.

The former members of the G.L.O.V.E. ruling council are outraged at Nero’s decision to disband the whole of the ruling council and create an entire new one, so they decide to join the Disciples in a plot to sabotage the H.I.V.E. training program called the Hunt. Meanwhile, Dr. Nero has underestimated the cunning and resources of those who oppose him. Chief Dekker, the new Chief of Security at H.I.V.E. is actually a member of the Disciples (Overlord’s followers), who forces Laura to find out the location of the Hunt or she will get the Disciples to kill Laura’s family. Laura manages to persuade Otto and the others to help her to steal the location of the Hunt.

the Shrouds are coming to land. but someones waiting. The Disciples.


Will the Disciples kill Otto, Wing, Laura, shelby, Franz, Nigel, Penny, and Tom? is this the end of Ravan (assassin)?

All the questions will be answered when you read the H.I.V.E series.

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