Zero Hour

On the 26 March I finished the sixth book in the H.I.V.E series called “Zero Hour” by Mark Weldan.

I love this book more than the fifth and fourth and the third put together because it is that amazing mind-blowing action pack book. Overlord has developed the power to move from body to body. New machines have been developed but the first glimpse to the public brings terror as Overlord takes control of the facility. He uses self-replicating Nanites which, if released will cause everyone to be a slave of Overlord. Then Raven is exposed to Animus. The four (Otto, Wing, Laura and Shelby) along with Lucy, Nigel, Franz, Nero and Prof. Pike flee to the Megalodon, a mega submarine that belongs to Darkdoom.

The wars is ending. the Disciples (follower of Overlord) are winning. now it is time to turn the tides and in age their final effort “Zero Hour”

Will everyone survive? Will they face defeat? Will Overlord finally lose his rein? Will love conquer all?

All these question will be answered when you read ” Zero Hour” by Mark Weldan.

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