On 15th of March I finished the Sixth book of H.I.V.E called Rogue by Mark Weldan.

In my own opinion I think that this book has a higher scale of action than of all of the other books combined. Otto star pupil at the top-secret school for villainy is behind the assassination on many highly recognised villainous, just after he was captured by H.O.P.E ( The Hostile Operative Executive). in a deadly race against tine, Raven and Wing must find Otto  before the order to eliminate him can be carried out.

Trent the head of H.O.P.E has a plan to recreate Overlord in Otto with a special fluid called Animus which acts like a mind control drug.

Will Otto turn into Overlord? will Raven And wing find him on time? well these answers can be found if you read Rogue by Mark Weldan.


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