People’s republic

I have started reading ‘People’s republic’ by Robert Muchamore. I chose the book by judging its cover. There is a boy on a skateboard, jumping in the air. The book is about secret agents and I quite like it. It would have been even better if the main characters were adults instead of children.

“Ryan knew she was joking so he gave her the finger

It was one of the first things I noticed when I read the first 30 pages. There is quite a strong language used in this book. I like this quotation because I have never read anything like this in a book. I have read books before with swearing but never any physical swearing. It gave me a little chuckle to be honest.
I have now read 150 pages and it is quite exceptional that the 2 main characters have not met yet. I am still wondering how they are going to meet considering they are both at a different side of the world. The 2 of them are both teenagers and they can fight very well. I am looking forward to it.

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  • Daniel

    you are missing a quotation mark in the quote. However I see that there is a lot of swear words in it. have you every consider reading a different book. How much books are there in the series.

  • James

    Good post. like what danny said about the Quote mark is the only problem that I can see in the post

  • Eric

    Wow Thomas. I’ve read this book before but, out of all the quotations you could’ve posted, you had to choose that one? I mean, there were other physical swearing parts and it isn’t that unique, is it?

  • Thomas

    Well eric, I thought it was pretty unique that people give each other the finger in BOOKS. And Danny, I’ve read cleaner books but not many. :p BTW, I think there are around 12 books in the series. You should really consider reading it because I know you like these kind of books ;)

  • Eric

    Actually Thomas, there’s only 3 books in this series. CHERUB is a completely different series (you could call it the prequel).

  • Tanmay

    Actually Eric I Doubt this is the series which is after the CHERUB series that we read the Henderson’s Boys is the prequel

  • Eric

    Um…. no Tanmay. This series is after CHERUB.

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