DEAR – A Certain Slant of Light

Helen has been haunting the living for a hundred thirty years now. She is gentle, caring, not malevolent, simply lost. And lonely.

She takes what little companionship she can from her hosts, the people she has haunted.

But she still can’t touch them or talk to them, she’s not even as solid the air.

Then she meets James, another ghost left to haunt the Earth.

James is in the body of teenage boy named Billy Blake.

Billy’s soul had left his body. Something drove it out.

Not just “something.” It’s clear what events in Billy’s life caused this.

Helen and James fall in love, but she still can’t touch him, feel him.

Until they find a girl named Jenny, whose soul has also left her body.

Now they must wrestle with their new lives, their feelings, and their old lives too.

I want to recommend this book to other people.

I feel it a little bit difficult but it was really interesting.


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