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Artemis fowl is a book about mystery sci-fi and intense action. It is about a criminal mastermind trying to capture a fairy. But this is not just any random normal pinky and cute fairy you see in books this is a technologically advanced molecular species that have been living for millions of years. This fairy has just lost her magic (oh yes they have special powers but to hurt and heal not make pink carriages and stuff) since she has not recharged it. This means that every dozen years or so years fairies will lose their magic and they will have to perform a ritual that will allow them to get their magic running and fizzing with energy.

Artemis fowl captures them just before the ritual is complete and succeeds. I am not going to spoil the story but it is a truly good book to read. It is about a genius and how he tricks even the most advanced of his race. This book is a killer and it is ready to be gulped down.

Readers who enjoy sci-fi action and definitely mystery would love this book. While people who only like blood and gore and romantic readers would not particularly enjoy this book although it still might surprise the reader with the twists and turns. This book is good even for novice readers as it is not a huge and gigantic book maybe just about 250-300 pages so i would recommend this book to everybody.

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