DEAR-Betrayed, a house of night novel

Im reading Betrayed, its the second book of the house of nights series. Its written by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast.

It’s about a girl who’s changing into a vampyre. She’s in trouble with her family, because her step-dad hates her for being a vampyre. Then 2 human teenager, she knows are being killed and everybody is thinking is was a vampyre. So she wants to find out what happened. And gets even more in trouble.

I like the book because it’s easy for me to read and i chose it because a lot of people said it’s a really good book.

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  • Hyeong Jin

    Good try. I really like how you summarized the book in simple way. I took me few seconds to read your post which was very good!! It could be better if you added your favourite quotation to your blog post!! But it was good


  • Tanmay

    Nice post and good summary but like Hyeong Jin said it would be much better if you included a quotation and remember to avoid spelling mistakes such as Vampyre is spelled Vampire. All in all great job on writing this post and thanks for giving all the details of the book like author ant title

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