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The final empire is a complex book but written in a very fluid style handwriting. The author is Brandon Sanderson who in him is a very experienced writer. This book is very thick and big but it is also a challenge to read. Reading books with more than 500 pages are a challenge and it needs persistence to finish reading.

One of the main unique things about this writer that he has created a big world. The world created cannot be matched by anything else and so it is very substantially interesting because it is set in a completely different time and in a completely different world. So from every aspect that you can look on this book is very exceptional, personally there has only been one book, which could match the fluidness and the descriptive level of this book which is the inheritance series and that too has required a lot of work to write


The quote I will be explaining is “Lets Have a chase now you and I” Kelsier said

This quote is pretty much in the middle of the fight between Kelsier (the main character’s teacher) against a steel inquisitor who is a machine made of steel with a human soul inside it. This machine is to be impossible to kill but Kelsier has a go at it anyway although he does not succeed in killing it but does succeed in distracting it away from the main character called Vin.

Up till now this book has kept many secrets but it is because of this you need persistence to read on to understand which soon gets very interesting later on.

This book is unique because normal books have a evil guy who is planning to rule the world then there are a couple of heroes who kill him and save the world. The twist in this book is the evil guy whose name is lord Ruler or the Dark Lord has already been ruling the world and they say he is somewhat an aspect of god who is said to be almost invincible.

The story revolves around a small girl whose parents have died at birth and only her brother was taking care of her until he too died and so she was left alone. Vin and Her brother (Reen) joined the underworld and that’s when Vin discovers that she is a unique girl with abilities. This type of person is called a Mistborn who can burn metal and do all sorts of cool things like flying and enhancing senses, Super strength and much more.

Later on the leader of her gang tries to scam a ministry official and the girl Vin uses her powers to soothe and calm the official so that he will accept the leader’s scam although the official knows when he is being soothed. So he sends a creature of impossible stature made from steel that is somewhat invincible as the rumors say to hunt down this gang and mainly Vin. Soon later Kelsier a talented Allomancer with the same powers as Vin comes in and distracts the inquisitorand that’s when the quote was spoken.

Although this time the description of the fight was not given but from those words you can easily feel the confidence of Kelsier. Once you have read on you can actually mentally picture the fight between them as the nature of Allomancy gets discovered to Vin.

This book is a very complicated lock and ever page you turn you are a little bit closer to opening that lock the climax is what is in the lock and the ending is what you learn from your experience of opening the lock. The lock needs persistence and determination. Each chapter brings a new click and part of the puzzle of opening the lock is cleared.

This book personally is a stepping-stone to bigger and better reads since there are countless of good books and each one has its own lock but to require the skills to open it can only be achieved from reading books like this. Once the boring parts are over everything becomes much more interesting and soon it becomes a burning passion to read this book and you do not care how much time you want to use or in other words how many lock picks get broken. Since this book has hypnotized me in its own majestic way and I can’t wait to read on and discover the contents of my own mental lock that this book has engraved in my mind.

By Brandon Sanderson

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