I haven’t even read the novel version of Romeo&Juliet.  In fact, I haven’t read any of the novels of Shakesphere. However, I’ve watched a movie based on Shakesphere’s novel, Macbeth.  Since this was the second movie of Shakesphers’s novel I’ve ever , I thought this movie is really absorbing. It helped me understand the story well. Though, it was very challenging to understand the old English they spoke like thy, thou, thee.

As I watched the movie, I raised quite a few questions. Firstly, I was wondering why does the Romeo’s best friend suddenly got upset in their way to the party of Capulets. When he first appeared in the movie, he seemed to be really funny and cool. Thus, I was surprised when he really got upset for some reason. Then when Juliet says Romeo need to be ready to marry till next day on her balcony, I raised another question. ‘Why did people that time hurry in their marriage?’ They could have take some time before the marriage.

Any way, I enjoyed this movie so far and I’m willing to watch more.

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  • Mr. MacKnight

    Kevin, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is not a novel—it’s a play. A novel is a long story written in prose, not poetry, and has a narrator. A play is a series of dialogues and monologues written to be performed on stage, and has no narrator (with rare exceptions, sort of).

  • Eric

    Good comparison of the two plays we watched. However, you could work on the technical vocab like Mr MacKnight said.

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