Social Networking Speech by the one and only TANMAY

Social Networking, It engulfs the world today but is it good for the intellectual ability of human beings. This is not bad for us and it is also a very useful tool to stay in touch in many people. This tool mkes people chat and call to friends and family all around the world.

I had a case relating to social networking that for about a month I sat for 2 hours every day on different social networking websites and softwares. Then after the month I had to write an essay in english and because of that constant slang we used in chatting I wrote that down in the essay. So If anybody wants a C in writing on any subject they are welcome to sit on social networking for a long and continuos time everyday.

After that the memories you get when doing something outside can and will stay with you forever but the memories you get when you socialising virtually then nobody can fell the memories and remember them. What will anybody tell their next generation that they spent their entire time socialising virtually ask yourself this.

The feeling the exhilaration you get in real life is nothing compared to the felling and the emotion you get when you are socialising while sitting on your computer screen its inhuman and what is the point of friends then if there is nobody to go outside and talk to in real life.

So going outside and talking in real is much better than talking virtually, why? because you get the skill to talk properly infront of public which can help you later in real life meetings and resume’s. Do you really want your CV’s with slang words and spelling errors this is the habits that are created by the evils of addiction to social networking. In business meeting you need the skill to talk properly to talk creatively and to talk extremely formally how is anybody going to do that with the huge habit of using slang .

I ask you and spread the word to stop becoming addicted to social networking, some people actually suicide because of the problems that social networking causes. Instead organise go to real parties go outside play sports with your friends. Do not be afraid to call them and do not be afraid to ask any of your parents that you want to go outside because if you are afraid now then the future will be very dim for you.

Instead of organizing small events organize large events let many people come there and this will  be on your “permanent record” that you have organized something and it has gone very smoothly. Organise it with your friend it will be a very nice experience I promise you.

I leave you all with saying my moral that social networking is one of the most efficient ways to talk with people beyond your reach but too much social networking chatting with close friends or friends who live far away can damage your thinking and indirectly can damage your past, present and the future. So take a decision now whilst your reading this why not call some of your friend and play some basketball or football outside or even just plain jogging with your friend will be far more beneficial than playing games or chatting with your friends virtually so GO OUTSIDE AND HAVE SOME FUN


Good Bye from

The Living legend ±ÅÑΜΛÿ

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3 comments to Social Networking Speech by the one and only TANMAY

  • Eric

    WOW. That’s quite a stunning speech and I agree with it. Maybe you should start following your own conscience sometime, eh Tanmay? :P

  • Thomas

    You did a great job in converting your speech into a post by using great vocabulary and you really make us think about it. However you didn’t include any advantages of social network.

  • Tanmay

    Eric: I am not a person who spends a lot of time on social networking this speech is dedicated to those people who do spend too much time and then they should get the full effect of my speech because in the world there are more than 1.5 billion people on social networking and sites like Facebook there is about a million there

    Thomas: Thanks a lot for reminding me of putting advantages of social networking now i know how to improve later if i want write some other post later one.

    Thanks For the support and comments people

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