3-5 changes

Make you a better person

  • More patience
  • Less stubborn
  • Anger management

Improve your family

  • Less annoying sister
  • More time to play X-box
  • More social commitment

Improve year 9 at DCSZ

  • None or less homework
  • At least three interesting field trips
  • More PE class

Improve DCSZ

  • None or less homework
  • No strike system
  • No uniform

Improve Suzhou

  • More things to do
  • Cheaper cinema tickets
  • No more spitting by chinese people

Improve China

  • No more spitting
  • Normal toilets
  • Better tourist attractions

Improve home country (England)

  • Stop benefits to criminals and illegal immigrant
  • Stop waisting taxpayer’s money on convicts in jail
  • Leicester City Football Club needs to get a whole lot better

Improve the world

  • No more poverty
  • No criminals or drugs
  • Reduce the effect of global warming
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5 comments to 3-5 changes

  • Moeko

    Field trips will be good!!!
    I wish we had more field trips…

  • Andreas

    Haha, yes. I would like normal toilets in suzhou too.

  • Eric

    Mmm, very nice Max. It’s funny how you included anger management in the points where you need to improve. I also agree with the England points but you could have written more overall.

  • Tanmay

    Nice job! max this is delicate and thought out post. But as I have commented on other people posts you should make your post much more detailed write in your post why what and when even though it is a list that does not mean you should just slack of. Remember every post you do should improve your skills each post should have your own personality and your own touches into it that is how you can make a very nice post.

    All in all good job on writing post I hope that whatever you have dreamed of and set goals for will be achieved

    See Ya later :)

  • Thomas

    I think you came up with some great ideas for improving year 9. There was not much detail but I don’t hink it is really needed in this sort of posts. I thought you could have been more serious for family though.

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