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I read this book and also watched the movie version so I am really confident with  giving a book review to my friends. The Of Mice and Men was written by John Steinbeck. He is known as one of the most incredible writter on 20st century. This book  is about two main character which is George and Lenny, wish to have their own farm. George is just a normal man but Lenny is mentally handicaped. They eventually work hard in a other farm to earn money.  The quotation that i really liked was this

“Whatever we ain’t got, that’s what you want. God a’mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job an’ work, an no trouble. No mess at all, and when the end of the month come I could take my fifty bucks and go into town and get whatever I want”

This is the time when two main characters fight. This is unusual  incident for them, it is because they never fought before and they always be nice to each other. The word God a’ mighty shows how angry is George at Lennie.

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