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Hello my name is Hyeung Jin, I am 13 years old and I’m Korean. I’ve been to china for almost 4 years now and I had really great time at here. I’m going Dulwich College international school and my English skills have been amazingly improved. In addition, I started to like English books. Before I was living in china, I always looked at Korean books not English books. I felt like watching a letters when I looked at English books. I could hardly imagine and thought of book and characters. But I started to read the English books to improve my English skills and to entertain myself. Even though I don’t like English books as much as Korean books, I think it is still enjoyable to read English books. My favorite English  book is called “Of Mice and Men”. I enjoyed it every time I read it.


I think I am not good reader. It is because I like to play more than reading a book. It is boring for me to read bibliography, non-fictional books and also not adventures books. I could barley not go to sleep while I’m reading those books. I really likes horror, and any book with death scenes.

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