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Hello, my name is Adam. I’m 13 and in Year 9, but most of you probably already knew that. I have a lot of hobbies;biking, running, watching movies,but my favorite thing to do (besides video gaming) is to read. I love reading. I do it all the time. I rarely am without a book. My favorite genres are adventure, action, fantasy, sci-fi,horror, humor, i basically like every genre except romance and domestic, but even mixed with another genre, they aren’t that bad. My grandma is always encouraging me to start reading classics like ‘white fang’ and ‘Dr Jekel and Mr Hyde’, but they’re always written in some sort of old English language that they used 200 years ago which is really confusing. I prefer modern books, like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Eragon’ and others.there has only been one book that I read that I completely hated, called ‘The mysterious life of Octavian Nothing’. I think my biggest weakness as a reader is that im never able to read other genres besides the ones listed above. Another weakness would be that every time I see a book I want, I buy it, so my library is kinda overflowing. All in all, I’m pretty exited about English this year. I hope it’s a lot of fun.

P.S. There ya go. I hope your happy

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