The Devil and His Boy

The devil and his boy is a book written by Anthony Horowitz. It is sort of non-fiction. It is a book set around 1593. This is Shakespeare’s time. This is what I call the revolution of plays. This is what the book is about. It is about a boy that wants to get into a play and he meets Shakespeare. I found this book pretty interesting. It shows you how people lived in that time. It also shows the relationship between the queen and the citizens. I like this type of books. It is not a very long book. You can easily read this book in 2 days. Although it is short, it is very strong and interesting. I would recommend this book to everyone who not only likes fantasy and books that contain mythical creatures. It lets you explore a completely different culture.

“He had only ever been completely happy once in all his thirteen years. For just a few brief hours all his problems had been forgotten.”

This was said by the main character who was a poor orphan after his friend asked him what he wanted to become. These 2 phrases made me feel happy and sad at the same time. It made me feel happy for him because he finally found something living for. On the other hand it is quite sad how he never felt happy before in his life. He had been treated like garbage by his ‘owners’ and he did not own anything besides the clothes he was wearing.

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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, the first book in the genre of romance that I’ve read, has proven that my preconception — all romance novels are terribly cheap and boring — is WRONG. If I had to compare David Copperfield with Jane Eyre, the latter book, in my opinion, is actually more interesting and vivid than the first one mentioned. This book, written by one of the famous Bronte sisters, Charlotte, is another Oxford World Classic. What I like best about this book is that, though it is rather short for a classic, it has the “widest” empathy link between the characters among all the books I have ever read. “Quality, not quantity” must have been the author’s favorite motto.

The basic plotline of the story revolved a lot around the same place with a timespan of only a few years. Jane was first an outcast in her family, with her cruel aunt Mrs. Reed treating her like dirt instead of a niece, with Jane’s cousin John Reed treating her even worse than dirt, and being told off for “crimes” she didn’t commit. Her aunt, unable to tolerate her anymore, sent Jane off to a boarding school not far away. Before Jane left, she opened up her heart and aggressively told her aunt how miserable she felt when she looked at her, how dreadfully scared she was of her and finally, that she would never call her aunt “Aunt” again. The only person who sent her off with warm regards was Bessie, her caretaker and companion.

What I found most enticing in Jane Eyre was the amount of pity for the main character (Jane) and her loved ones. Jane and her master Mr. Rochester, both whom were noted by other characters in the book as ugly, got so much sympathy from the author that we found both of them majestic and good-looking. What I found strange was that, though most of the antagonists were cruel and haughty, many of them were also described as elegant and beautiful. This led to my assumption throughout the whole of the story that all the well-dressed, rich and striking people were the bad guys. This proved true for the first few characters including Georgiana and Miss Ingram. However, there were certain exceptions including Bessie who remained a kind soul throughout Jane’s life.

One thing you’d expect in a romance would be something Shakespearean like a tragic happening or event. Well, this differs only slightly. Instead of the main character undergoing a near-death experience, it is her lover and master, Mr. Rochester. Jane was hired as the governess for an orphan of Mr. Rochester’s. Quite early on in the book, Mr. Rochester asked Jane to marry him. Well, I found this very bizarre because, firstly, who would marry their employee? And secondly, why would you marry a person almost 20 years younger than you who has no wealth whatsoever? Anyways, after Jane figured out that her master already had a wife (who was a maniac that tried to kill numerous people living in the estate), she felt that Mr. Rochester didn’t love her and she left the estate.

So Jane wandered around, starving and homeless, where she eventually came upon a small house. The residents of the house were 2 women, Diana and Mary Rivers, with their brother St John Rivers. The 2 sisters slowly nursed Jane back to health but Jane refused to tell them anything about her past. Eventually, they found out that Jane was their cousin, Jane’s father’s sister being their mother. Again, Jane was asked to marry St John, for in that time cousin marriage was legal. Jane knew that St John only wanted her as a missionary’s wife, not for love. Therefore, she again declined and wished to be back at Rochester’s estate again. As with all romance books and films, there is something blocking the 2 lovers from coming together and this novel is no different.

In my opinion, Jane is quite a fragile and loyal person. When St John asks to marry Jane to go to India with her as a missionary’s wife, she declines due to 2 reasons, her love for Mr. Rochester and her weak endurance. She is described as small for her age of 19 and though she has experienced many dangers, she remains unhardened by the suffering. Jane is the type of person who regrets not doing something because she is too shy. Had she asked Mr. Rochester to marry before he did, they would have gotten on way better. Jane is a caring person who has no problem in bravely standing up for herself when she is mistreated, though too late for her own good sometimes.

Mr. Rochester, Jane’s master and husband to-be, is a flexible man. To many, he is described as sharp and stern with ugly features and quite cruel. To Jane and readers, he is described as cunning and caring, with sharp features that make up for his ugliness. In my opinion, Mr. Rochester is cruel in the aspect that he already had a wife and then wooed Jane (though polygamy might have been legal at the time) and that he never told Jane he was already married, albeit to a maniac. Later on near the end of the novel, we pity Mr. Rochester after his whole estate is burned down, his maniac wife killed, his property lost and he himself loses his eyesight and becomes a cripple. In the end, when Jane and Edward (Rochester’s first name) are reunited, we feel that they deserved it after all their miserable suffering.

My favorite quote in the book is when, after St John discovers that Jane is his cousin, he tells him of her wealth after her uncle had died.

“Well,” said he,”if you had committed a murder, and I had told you your crime was discovered, you could scarcely look more aghast.”

“It is a large sum – don’t you think there is a mistake?”

“No mistake at all.”

“Perhaps you have read the figures wrong – it may be 2000?”

“It is written in letters, not figures, – twenty thousand.”

I found this funny because Jane has gotten so used to poverty that when she is finally rich, she doesn’t know what to do. Because Jane Eyre is written in first person, it’s rather funny when you see Jane’s own P.O.V.

I would recommend this book to everyone as it is not really violent. I would also recommend the simplified versions to children younger than us. After reading these classics, I find that books older than 1950 are worth reading after all.

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Steve Jobs’ Biography

I have completed steve Jobs’ biography after a roughy 3 weeks of reading. The book was written by Walter Isaacson. Obviously the book talks about Steve Jobs’ life and trust me, it was fascinating. This book was full of different stories which kept you concentrated the whole way through. Almost every single page tells a new and different story.
I was interested in reading this book because I looked up to him so I wanted to know more about him. Everyone thinks he was a great man and accomplished many great things in life but that is not the full story. He is entirely different of how the media knows him. I don’t want to spoil the book for you but it was a special person with special skills and habits. I could recommend this book to every owner of an apple product (which is probably the majority of the people reading this).

My quotation was set at the very end of the book where the writing normally gives his own opinion of the person.

“Even though he did not impose his legendary desire for control on this project, I suspect that I would be conveying the right feel for him-the way he asserted himself in any situation-if I just shuffled him into history’s stage without letting him have some last words.”

I found this paragraph really inspiring since he made Steve Jobs have the last words where he is supposed to have them. I think it means that he has much respect in the way of how he lived and how he made decisions. The last words of steve Jobs in this biography are what he think he has accomplished in his life and what failed. He also talks about people and how they were important to him.

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Personal response to the way through the woods_HJ

I recently read way through the woods by Rudyard Kipling. I thought that the poem would be very hard to understand because of length of the poem, but I soon noticed  that this poem is very imaginative, interesting and catches people’s attention. For example, “They shut the road through the woods seventy years ago”. This gives very quite and peaceful atmosphere which is great way to start a poem. I have also read the prose version of “Way through the woods” and I nearly couldn’t tell difference between two versions. One other reason why I liked this poem is because this poem talks a lot about nature. For example, “It is underneath the coppice and heath, and the thin anemones” I want to recommend this poem to people who likes calm atmosphere and nature.

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I am currently still reading the book ‘It’ by Stephen King and not a lot has happened in the book so far. My favorite quotation that I’ve read so far happens when Patty Blum goes in to the bathroom and discovers her husband’s dead body in the bathtub. The quotation is:

“She thought Stanley must have made that mark-his final impression on the world-as he lost consciousness. It seemed to cry out at her:


Another drop fell into the tub.


That did it. Patty Uris at last found her voice. Staring into her husband’s dead and sparkling eyes, she began to scream.”

I like this quotation because it is a reference to the title of the book, and it really makes you ask yourself; What is IT? Why did it kill Stanley Uris? In conclusion, I find this quote very gripping, and I must read on in order to find out more about this.

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Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson

I have finished reading a book called Lola Rose written by Jacqueline Wilson. This is a fiction book about Lola Rose’s life. She has a dad who is really violent and short-tempered. He hits her mom and her. They get sick of him and run away from him with her brother.  They could do this because her mom won the lottery. This novel is mainly about how they live without their dad. They even change their name.

This book is definitely for girls. I really loved reading this book because there were lots of hardships that they had to go through and the way they solve those problems are really interesting.

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Personal response to Sonnet 73

This poem is comparing seasons and our life. He is especially focusing on towards the end of our lives. His description of the autumn of our life is very dreary. He portrays like this:

When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang

Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,

Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.

This description makes me fear about my future, when my life get into that season. I think Shakespeare was try to convey that we should love our youth through this poem.

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Personal response to Sonnet 18

Sonnet 18 is a poem written by Shakespeare, and it’s a love-related poem. The general image of the poem is pretty sweet. The writer is comparing his love with summer’s day. He uses a lot of metaphors and poetic expressions, mostly to describe his lover.

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance, or nature’s changing course untrimmed:

But thy eternal summer shall not fade

This is one of the expressions and metaphors he used. These words mean that every beauty in the world sometimes fades, but his lovers will not fade forever. We can say summer is a metaphor representing beauty.

Shakespeare wrote this poem for his lover and to make other people remember her. I can conclude this by reading this part:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.



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Personal response to Death, Be not proud

This poem, Death, Be not proud, gave me a chance to look back on my thoughts about death. John Donne, the writer of this piece, did not fear death. Through out the whole poem, his attitude was very bellicose. He tried to deny death and considered it as a long rest and sleep. He came up with many point which proves that death isn’t a mighty thing. For one, he said death is a slave of fate, chance, kings and desperate men;

Thou’art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men

This is another example of being bellicose to death. This is a religious poem, so I can conclude that he does not fear death because he believe in his god and believe he can overcome death with his strong religious belief.

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I read the book called Ivy by Julie Hearn. It’s about a girl called Ivy in old London. After she was born her father didn’t want her because of her red hair. So she grew up in a different, poor family. The family is really harsh and Ivy doesn’t feel like they love her. Only her step brother, who is also adopted seems to like her.

The book starts  when two rich ladies came to the poor and send some of the children to school. One of them was Ivy and her step brother. She hated the school and ran off. Then Ivy was found by woman who is the leader of thieves. They want  Ivy to help them steal stuff, because children look harmless and other children would trust her. So Ivy helps stripping rich children out of their fine clothes, so the thieves can sell it and becoming richer. A few years later she is back with her family, trying to forget a horrible event that happened in the past.

A painter man is looking for a new stunner, because his old mother doesn’t inspire him anymore. But he hasn’t found a beautiful girl yet. That changes when he met Ivy. In the next days he send his mother to Ivy’s family to get her. Of course his mother got mad and jealous. She tries to get rid of her. She tells lies about her falling in love with the italian man next door. That’s one of her letter why Ivy couldn’t come to a meeting in the country side, where the painter wanted to create a new picture.

I can only assume since no explanation has been forthcoming that the silly child has changed her mind and went home my personal opinion is that she could not face the Italian  and remains mortally embarrassed by her feelings for him                                                                                                                          I hate to say I told you so dear boy but there we have it

But because Ivy couldn’t come, Ivy found what really happened with the thieves. And now, she starts a new life where she doesn’t have to care anymore about all the things happened.

I think it’s a really good book, but the english is quiet hard to read and sometimes the scene  changes to something completely new, which makes the book quiet confusing. There are also many different people, events which are important for the story, but they make the book even more confusing. Over all, the story is really good and after a while you  stop wondering about something, because you know that it will be explained at the end.


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Sonnet 73

<Sonnet 73> is the poem that is written by William shakespeare. This poem doesn’t have name and this is the 73th poem of unnamed poem. In the poem it is talking about the seasons, but actually this poem is not talking about seasons it is talking about our life it tells us what is journey of life, the poem says life is like seasons- spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is when we are young full of energy and summer, and to fall, we start to feel old and sick, winter and we dies, I was really impressed with the compare with life and seasons.

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Battle royale

Recently, I read a book called ‘Battle royale’, by Takami koshun. The original tittle of the book was ‘Battle royal’, but the friend of the author told him about the french pronounce of ‘royal’, which is ‘royale’, and he thought the french pronounce is better, so he used the french word. The background of the book is imaginary totalitarianism country, which has many problems with teenagers. The country decided to make a program named ‘battle royale’ because of the problem children of country. A class, which is randomly chosen have to join this program. They had to kill each other until just one person survive, and only the last person can return to their home. Nanahara, the main character’s class was going to go school trip, but they were kidnaped to a small island and become to join to the program.

I think this book is based on ghoulish imagination, but also not ridiculous or stale story. The viewpoint of the book frequently across the first person and an omniscient viewpoint, but it also helped to concentrate to the story, by increase the tension of sentences and overall atmosphere of the story. Some people might say this book does not have any stories or moral, just book for killing-time, which contains grotesque murder. However, I think what the author wanted to say is the danger of turing to rightist. I think he is talking about what their country’s right wing and totalitarianism power did at past, which were out of control. By this book, He is warning to the nations and to the right powers, which are becoming more huge, that uncontrolled power is dangerous thing.

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I recently finished a book called ‘Auslander’ by Paul Dowswell.  Auslander means a foreigner in German. In the book, the main character, Piotr, loses his parents by a car crash right after the Nazis had occupied Poland. He’s sent to an orphanage after his parents’ deaths but his life isn’t easy at the orphanage. So when the Race and Settlement Office classify Piotr as racially valuable, he’s happy to be sent to Germany and to be taken in by his new family. But Piotr is an intelligent boy with independant thoughts. He doesn’t like starving workers in the street. So he starts taking some serious risks…

This is an incredibly well-researched historical piece. By reading this novel, you can get a real picture of life in an authoritarian country. There are many interesting and accurate elements. For one, Piotr’s maths textbooks contain the exact language real Nazi textbooks did.  This book is a very tense thriller and suits to all kinds of readers.

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The end of the world

I recently finished reading the end of the world. It is a book in the sculldugary pleasant series. It is about a bomb that can destroy the world and makes hydrogen bombs look like fire crakers. While they are trying to disarm it a groop of anarchists are trying to set it off and end life as we know it. A sneaky man called deacon creates an emaganery personallity and he hides in it so the anarchists can’t read his mind or try and track him down. In the end they uncover deacon and prevent the bomb from going off. This is a good book because there are lots of good twists and it is very exiting. But is is quite short.

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I finished reading ‘The Cay’ by Theodore Taylor. I liked this book very much because I liked the storyline. There is a boy who has been living luxuriously and he gets stuck in an island. Then, he finds a man and tries to ignore him even though the man is giving favor to him. Unfortunately, the boy becomes blind and he has to rely on the man. When they become the real friends, storm comes. This is the summary of this book. I was fascinated by this book. However, my favourite quotation was

“You…all right….. be true?”

The man says this to the boy when the storm finishes. He’s not eloquent on English so the grammar is not correct. I was impressed how they stand the storm and it was amazing. This book was great.

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Son of Destiny_HJ

This is my last post of Darren Shan series. Sons of Destiny was the last and best book of Darren Shan series. The title page really freaked me out! But unfortunatly, the story was not as scarly as the front cover. The story goes like this. The main character, Darren Shan defeats his rival, Steve. He soon found out they were brothers and sons of Mr Tiny, it was all Mr Tiny’s plan. Finally, he decided to be a small person like Harkat and try to live a different life.

My favourite quotation is this

“she looked at me steadily, our father”

It is because this is when Darren find out that this was a Mr Tiny’s trick. It is a great example of dramatic change. This 360 degree change make me to wonder what will happen next.

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DEAR – A Pretty Little Liars Novel

I finished the book “A Pretty Little Liars Novel” by Sara Shepard  is a series.When I borrow this book in library there was not series one and two, so I just took series three. You can’t understand if you start to reading series three or whatever than series one or begin. But this book is really easy to understand what happened before.

I should read series one. Because this books is very interesting and I like this book really much. The story is about four gorgeous girls are telling to us about very ugly stories. They Have four main characters Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer their best friend. This four girls found a dead body behind Spencer’s house and then taking the girls secrets to the grave.

I recommend to people to read this book :)

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Steve Jobs’ Biography

I have started reading the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. Walter Isaacson has also written biographies on Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. Even though this book is unique, interesting and relaxing, it does not seem to end. I’ve been reading this book for the past 2 weeks and I’m on page 350.
The book talks about everything you could imagine. Steve Jobs’ wife told walter Isaacson to tell the very truth to the reader. Therefore he was allowed to tell the good characteristics of Steve Jobs but also the cruel things he did in the world. Walter Isaacson talks about personal life but also his business life. The first 20 pages are eye-opening and fascinating how he grows up and how he came to live such a successful life. You will not believe how mean he could be to others but how he also could think you are his hero.

“Jobs came barefoot”

This quotation happened to be when Jobs was still in his twenties and was about to contribute to a very important meeting. He just came barefoot. This is one of the fascinating things about Jobs. He was so stubborn and did not care about anyone thinking he was weird. I am just taking this as an example but there are parts where he is talking to a friend and just puts his feet in the toilet since it made him feel relaxed.

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The enemy

The enemy is a book by Charlie Higson, it is a horror book. It is about a bunch of kids who are trying to survive. Every single person above the age 14 will turn into a zombie, the lucky ones died but the ones that didn’t are crazed, confused and hungry. So the zombies go and try to find kids to eat. One day a kid comes running to where a group of kids are staying and tells them that there is a safe place to hide so the kids begin a quest to go to the safe place. The place is buckingham palace and it is far away from where they are so the kids have to travel around the city and try to stay alive. A quotation that i liked from the book is:

“Get up there now! I’m going out. If it gets bad, use a bomb.”(Arran)

“A bomb? They’re for emergencies.”(Callum)

“And what does this look like to you?”(Arran)

I liked this quotation because i found it funny. When the two people said this there were zombies attacking Waitrose(It is where that group of kids lived) and there was a kid who was trying to defend himself from the zombies. The kid was the person who told them about the safe place.

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Sail by James Patterson

The book I’m reading is called ‘Sail’ by James Patterson. I have not finish reading the book yet, but so far it is amazing. Every chapter would end with a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger means when the author writes a sentence, letting the reader wonder what is next and continue to read. Also almost page has action packed scenes and uses descriptive words to improve the content and gives you a more clearer picture. The book starts of with a hunter finds a tuna with a letter in it saying a couple of effective words.

“The Dunne’s are alive.”

This quotation is the letter in the tuna. I like the idea of having a person seeing the letter because it tells us things and raises questions. It makes us think who are the Dunne’s and are they dead or lost? Why did they write I am alive or who wrote the letter? It will also tell you want the story might be about and the main characters.

‘Sail’ is about a family broken up. The husband left the family, the wife now has to support three children. The wife, a plastic surgeon, finds a boy and later on they get married. The kids, who don’t like him plan on going to a family trip. The husband has to stay back home due to his job. When we read on about their trip, James Patterson reveals that The husband is sent to kill the family and retrieve 10 million dollars. The plot is a bit jumbled up because one part you would have a kid knock out the husband and then they suddenly go to a court. I’m still wondering how they got back from a island without transport.

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